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Building Advanced 5G Smart Cities with AI Integration

Rachna / 31 Jul 2021 / IOT Basics | IOT Industry | IOT AI

The acceleration of urbanization has cropped up many challenges related to population, resources, and environmental factors, which the incorporation of 5G technology will report. New concepts of developing a city can be made successful by incorporating smart applications and new technological advancements.  [...]

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How Print Media Impacts the Growth of IoT?

Rachna / 31 Jul 2021 / IOT Industry | IOT AI

IoT is a paradigm that has ensured the communication between numerous electronic devices and embedded sensors via the Internet to make us experience better livelihood. The implementation of these IoT devices surely provides good experiences to beat the challenges and issues related to business, governmental, and public or private industries globally. [...]

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Ways to monitor climatic issues using IoT

Arjun / 31 Jul 2021 / IOT Industry | IOT AI

IoT-powered wearable devices are nowadays harnessed as smart cities are following the revolutionary trend. However, IoT wearables bring in revolutionary transformations, which can also be used to deal with some of the crucial global disasters. [...]

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