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Does IoT help in regulating the vaccination drives?

Arjun / 11 Feb 2022 / IOT Basics | IOT Industry | IOT AI

More is no more a merrier. This social distancing and pandemic made so many changes in our lifestyles. We can't organize any more pool parties or gatherings at friends' houses. But looking forward and expecting those days to come back is not exaggerating. Because the vaccine drives have already started, and people are getting vaccinated at a fast pace. Here comes a new problem of meeting the supply and demand conditions. Everyone is facing many problems in getting jabbed with too many people and limited vaccines. 

Even the number of drives the government is conducting cannot reach this chain. So let us see how technology can solve this problem. The industry that plays the main role here is logistics. The vaccine will travel across the countries to reach the places. 

But in the present lockdown condition, the logistics industries may not serve up to the required limit. So, the prompt delivery of the vaccine to the drives is somewhat difficult in some countries. So, how does IoT applications helps in the pharmaceutical struggle to reach the people? 


Blockchain and Cold Chain:

Before knowing how the blockchain is integrated into IoT, let us know about blockchain first. Blockchain is nothing but a digital ledger that records all the necessary transactions. There will be several individual records like blocks connected in a network through peer-to-peer nodes. For making secured transactions, blockchain technology is used. It is mainly used to record the data of cryptocurrency transactions. How can this blockchain technology be helpful in COVID 19 vaccinations? 


We know the current sparse condition of the available vaccines. So, to avoid any fraudulence in the vaccine supply chain, the pharmaceutical industries and government introduced blockchain technology. The vaccines are kept at the required temperature throughout the transaction. This temperature specific supply chain is called the cold chain. 


Here logistics plays the main role in continuing the supply chain at the required temperature on how this blockchain and cold chain are integrated into IoT careers to help the vaccination drives.


Internet of things in Vaccination drives:

As stated earlier, the pharmaceutical industry will initiate to send the vaccine through a vehicle after recording all the information through blockchain technology. The vehicle must be equipped with a sensor that is connected to the Internet. So, throughout the vehicle journey, the blockchain and the sensor are interconnected. There will be recording on vaccines if anything fails, like replacing the vaccines with counterfeit or moving. So, the vehicle is under surveillance throughout the journey.


For Cold Chain, the sensor is placed on the vaccine containers and data loggers, which will continuously transfer the temperature-related information through the network. IoT in healthcare will help in maintaining the temperature of the vaccine throughout the transaction. So, combining these technologies is easy to know through apps about the stock, temperature, and details of the vaccine. This information will avoid the vaccine out of a stock problem in many places. In some places, the government released apps to know about the stocking details of vaccines. 


Overcome Security Issues:

When all the information is in the air, it is vulnerable to attackers and intruders. Hence, the necessary security measures are required to secure the vaccination drives and ensure no vaccine sidetracking. To overcome this, the health workers and the pharmaceutical companies must follow the authentication process. Therefore, it is very useful that the vaccines are stored in smart refrigerators, and the information is logged into the blockchain.


To Wrap up:

Overall, the whole IoT automation process will be easy and transparent when done under the Internet of Things hawk-eye. By following perfect security measures, you can protect the information and the containers with minimum effort.


Secured vaccination drives using the Internet of things.


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IoT in regulating vaccination drives. Role of blockchain and cold chain technologies with sensors in the supply chain of vaccines.


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