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New Metrics for the Health of Senior Citizens with IoT Smart Home Facilities

Arjun / 25 Jun 2021 / IOT Industry | IOT AI

Have you ever heard of Silver-Tech? If you have older people in your home, then it is the right time to know about silver tech. Everyone is very familiar with the problems older adults will face. You may not have gone through it, but you surely have seen some elderly who are struggling with life. 


Nowadays, older adults want to stay in their home, take caregiving assistance from home, and even their guardians prefer these methods. These innovative technologies and smart devices help them to stay in their home for a longer time. So, most of the older adults and their guardians are relying on silver tech. This technology will be useful for senior citizens. 


In these technologies, IoT plays a prominent role in taking care of elders through technology. Some IoT devices assure peace of mind for caretakers and guardians of older adults. The IoT automation devices have different sensors which will track and report the actions. 


Generally, we are well aware of these technologies in general, like smoke detectors and voice-activated speakers. But these are advanced smart devices that help in taking care of our senior citizens.


This data will be further used to analyze the overall health report of the person. The researchers came up with new innovative ideas like smart siren and fall detection technology which will help the senior citizens and their caregivers. Take a deep look into different IoT applications and devices used in taking care of older people.


Peaceful Monitoring

Nowadays, everyone uses fitness trackers and wearables to access their health, showing off as style statements. But in the case of the elderly, these trackers are more than style statements and health tracking. 


If you have an Alzheimer's patient, it is difficult to track down once they go out of your sight. These wearables will help to track them. The activity trackers can be linked to doctors through IoT applications to have a complete history of their activities. 


The other kind of wearable is a panic button, automatically generating alarming signals to the close ones if pressed in distress. Accidental falling will cause more fatal issues than other health problems. 


So, some wearables include fall detection sensors to avoid future complexities. Technologies like fall detection sensors are mostly operated using 0G technology. It is highly energy-efficient and supports information transfer at a very low cost. 


Smart Home Features

There Are some sensors like Mini motion sensors that can be installed in the homes of senior citizens. This sensor will track the movement regularly. If anything is not ordinary, the sensor will automatically send alerts to the guardians. 


The other sensors, like Door or Window sensors that will detect the person's movement through the door, will send an alert if the person didn't come back after leaving at a certain time. 


The IoT devices can install in the Mini smart plug. It will automatically switch off the electric devices if someone forgets and will be very helpful for Alzheimer's patients.


Advanced Healthcare:

From all these fitness and activity trackers, doctors can have a database of the complete health history. Some IoT apps are integrated with doctors for further analysis. 


Researchers are working on IoT automation devices that can be placed in the complex organ of a patient. These devices will continuously track the performance of the organ and send alarming signals if there are any abnormalities. 


If these got worked, it would be a boon to mankind. The continuous healthcare monitoring devices like diabetes monitor or heart rate monitor will send the continuous analysis to keep a check on the person's vitals.


Final Words

These advanced smart home technologies will give independence to older adults. Gone are the days when you must be physically present to monitor your grandparents. Some advanced devices can make your house a smart home. 


If you have bedridden patients in your home, you can observe them with smart monitors. You can connect them to your phone and have a look at them even at your work. 



Smart home and IoT assistance in taking care of elderly


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Advanced IoT devices to take care of the elderly. The devices and applications are useful in continuous monitoring and analyzing health status.