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Smart Office Automation Through IoT - The Future Lies Here!

Arjun / 08 May 2021 / IOT Industry | IOT AI

Gone are the days when we have to do everything manually. Currently, everyone wants the task to be done in an effective and mainly easy way. What if every task you perform in a day can be automated and can be done without any human interaction? 


This is what everyone is expecting, mainly in this pandemic. Fewer the people higher the safety is the main mantra. But is it possible to maintain such an automated environment with fewer people in the workplace? Yes, it is. Here comes the IoT automation in the limelight. 


Now it is not about electricity, electronic devices, software, and machines separately. Everything is blurred out and formed as a single screen stating IoT automation. IoT is the future of everything from the workplace to education institutes and homes. Everyone needed automation in their life for easy going.


What is IoT automation?

When a task is done without any human intervention, then it is automation. This is mainly the machine-to-machine communication process. Mostly this work is done through the effective utilization of IT. 


The whole automation process is done through IoT architecture. Here the whole process is performed in individual steps

  • First, the smart devices like sensors will receive the input and transfer the data to the interface
  • Generally, the data here is wireless interface like web or Bluetooth networks
  • Next, the data is transferred to some middleware like a preprocessor or some IoT device which have analytical abilities
  • From there, the data is transferred as a command to the actual appliance where the task is to be done
  • The appliance will automatically perform the task without any human interaction


IoT Applications in Office:

Any workplace always focuses on increasing productivity with the least means. Productivity always depends on the way the employee works on the task. The future of IoT is now in bloom as all the MNCs are concentrating on upgrading their office with IoT devices. A smart office results in smart work and increases productivity. Let us look into the scenarios where the IoT will come in most handy.


Reduces power consumption:

Upgrading the electric appliances with IoT will lead to the automatic operation of the devices. Using sensors, they will sense the people and act accordingly. Lights to air-condition everything will be under control according to the current condition. This will save a lot of power consumption. All the devices will work under the control of the web and sensors effortlessly.


Increased productivity:

Think about the smart blinds, which will automatically shut off when it is too sunny. This smart action provides a comfortable ambiance to the employees sitting near the window. Some offices are even concentrating on getting smart furniture for their employees' comfort. 


There are other devices like smart mirrors, which are great for ambiance, and if there is presentation, they are convertible into a presentation screen. As all the operations are done under optimal network resources, clear transparency is maintained.


Maintaining a healthy Environment:

In the present COVID time, everyone is skeptical about maintaining an office with all the employees at a time. It is important to maintain a healthy environment in the office. 

With advanced IoT systems, one can maintain the desired temperature in the environment easily. You can control the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. These can be present based on the number of employees present in the office.


Better security system:

Maintaining a person at the entrance is the traditional method of maintaining office security. The recent technology is ID recognition and allowing employees into the office. 


Here comes the future technology which will automatically operate the security cameras and perform face and voice recognition. This will surely save money and add more security. This system can be armed and maintain the records of the people who are in the office by their face and voice recognition. 


RFID tags for Inventory Items:

Maintaining the excel sheet of all the Inventory items is not a big task. But what about the accuracy? It purely depends on the person who is handling the sheet. Monitoring the RFID tags to the inventory items will keep track of them so the data will be accurate. 


This will prevent any theft or misuse of the items and provides more profit to the company. It will track down every movement, usage, or update of the item, maintaining transparency.


Smart scheduling:

Maintaining the office with a full number of employees is not possible and not advisable during this dire situation. For that, every office is maintaining schedules and maintaining the office in shifts. 


This will ensure the minimum number of people in the office maintain a healthy environment. With this smart scheduling system, the IoT systems will keep track of the number of employees in a room and reschedule the staff. 


One can update any information like sick off or casual leaves so that the IoT automation will reschedule the staff members as per office requirements.

AI Chatbots and Tracking Systems:

Maintaining the chatbots and tracking system makes office management easy. By using these IoT applications, one can keep track of the employees in their vicinity. 


Using chatbots is easy to conduct meetings among different departments without any interruption. You can integrate the chatbot with any instant messaging app and maintain the important updates. This way, no one can miss any important messages or miss the meetings.


Concerns while maintaining IoT Automated office:

When automation gets ahead, it will be a boon for both IoT beginners professionals. There will be abundant IoT career opportunities as automation will take place in every sector. Nowadays, IoT in healthcare also plays a vital role, and people are looking for IoT jobs everywhere. 


Final Thoughts

When it is comfortable, there is always a chance of threat. The IoT is surely effective in many ways, but its mainstream is through networks. So, one must be very cautious about how it is vulnerable to hackers. 


Make sure when you are building the cyber walls of comfort for your office, make sure the walls are strong enough to resist intruders. One of the main concerns while using IoT is botnet attack. 


Hence, always maintain improved security like two-stage verification through OTP. Get a local server with remote VPN access. These are the minimum things to take care of.