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The role of IoT in gaming devices and their influence in today's context

Arjun / 26 Jun 2021 / IOT Industry | IOT AI

Gaming is not just a Mario kart in the living room with your best friend. It is much more advanced than playing with two consoles. There are so many redeveloped innovations like virtual reality, Augmented reality which makes gaming more interesting. In the present pandemic condition, so many people are seeking enjoyment in gaming. 


The latest innovation in gaming is the Internet of Things, and it is taking the gaming experience to the next level. It is not a deal if you are gaming on mobile or PC. All the devices are connected to the internet through your devices. You don't need your best buddy by your side to team up and play or play against each other. 


Despite the device, you are using and the place or country you are gaming from, you can play with anyone worldwide. For example, if you consider streaming platforms like Twitch. Several players globally are using Twitch for gaming. 


If you want to play a particular genre of video games, you have options like battle royale. In the current digital world, it is easy to reach everything to the audience. The new gaming trend even reduces the cost of extra goods like consoles. 


Nowadays, mobile has become the basic need, and everyone is splurging on it for multiple uses. So, they consider gaming also as an option. The companies catch the pulse of their audience and design games mostly compatible with mobile phones.


Different IoT Games

One says games you may think of as fun, fitness, and entertainment. But if they say video games, then the only thought that crosses everyone's mind is entertainment and fun. These may be the scenarios for our nostalgia games. 


Currently, the gaming industry is diversified in different aspects like education, fitness, entertainment, and even money-making. Present kids have an attention span of goldfish. They always want something new every time. 

Getting them to concentrate on books to gain knowledge is not an easy task. Irrespective of their age, there are different education games available for kids. Like to learn spellings, build vocabulary or do the math. These games are available on devices like mobile or tablet. 


There will be very few people who get excited to go for a run or workout. But most of us don't get enough motivation to drag ourselves to a nearby park or gym to do the exercise. The IoT Games like "Zombies & Run" will add a boost to your motivation. 


There are even some fitness apps that will reward you for the workout through coupons. You can connect your fitness trackers with gaming apps. Even casinos are using IoT to attract their gamers. With the pandemic of rage, people are opting for gaming choices at the comfort of home. 


At first, they offered rewards like discount coupons, and slowly, they started to pay the dividends in money. Many people are attracted to these kinds of games to gamble with money.


While discussing the IoT Automation games, we cannot omit the most popular augmented reality games like Pokemon Go or Jurassic World. These kinds of AR games set a benchmark in the gaming industry and lead to different IoT games. These games have almost 870,000 active users.


Future of IoT in Gaming

At present, IoT Automation is most advanced in many aspects of gaming too. Microsoft created Microsoft Azure, which will help in developing gaming apps by getting the reports from gamers. 


They can do it from the initial stage to get a perfect output app that is enjoyable for everyone. In the future, these resources will expand by providing different types of platforms for the game developers like PlayStations, iOS, and Android. 


With the increased platforms and cloud technologies, developers can have the freedom to create discrete gaming apps. 

Research shows a 30% reduction in the price of gaming apps that are compatible with all platforms. As a result, there is a reduction in price point also. 



Whatever the technology or aspect you choose, you always want to enjoy it. But when using IoT devices or applications, be aware that your data is on the network, which is available for hackers. 


Choose and play wisely. So, when done with accountability, fun and enjoyment are refreshments for your soul.



Role of IoT in the development of the gaming industry.


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If you say the word gaming, you will not think of wiry consoles now. That is the impact of IoT on the gaming industry.