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How to manage employee productivity using IoT

Arjun / 01 Mar 2021 / IOT Basics | IOT Industry | IOT AI

Currently, there exist approximately 28 billion Internet-connected devices in the world and according to the analysis, the number will expand to double by 2021. Any device ranging from, light bulbs to refrigerators and from washing machines to entire security systems are encompassing the technology of the Internet. [...]

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Consumer privacy and security on IoT devices

Arjun / 24 Feb 2021 / IOT Basics | IOT Industry | IOT AI

In the past few years, several of the new devices connected to the web haven't been personal computers; however instead, a spread of devices embedded with internet property and functions. This category of devices has usually been delineated because of the Internet of Things (IoT) and has brought with its new security and privacy risks.

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How to revamp the supply chain process and protocols through IoT?

Arjun / 23 Feb 2021 / IOT Basics | IOT Industry | IOT AI

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we look at everything from cooking and storing food at home to tracking products as it goes from factory to store shelves. The logistics industry is the latest in a long line of sectors using this new connected technology. 



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The importance of selecting the IoT and its allied services

Shweta Ranjan / 19 Feb 2021 / IOT Basics | IOT Industry | IOT AI

IoT empowers a community-oriented system were contributions from various components that are sharp, applications, and different sources can be linked and joined to understand the Smart Connect System's original estimate.  [...]

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