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The Outside-in and Inside-out of IoT Security

Sunitha / 04 Mar 2021 / IOT Industry | IOT AI

IoT or the Internet of Things encompasses the scores of physical devices located all around the world that are collecting and sharing data through the Internet. Connecting different kinds of objects with sensors allows them to communicate real-time data. This process does not involve any human interaction. We are now poised on the threshold of a smart environment – where smart devices and merging the physical and digital spaces.  [...]

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Cloud Platform Trends for Smart Homes

Rachna / 04 Mar 2021 / IOT Industry | IOT AI

In the past few years, people are increasing the utilization of every day connecting devices reception which are connected to the web and each other. To make people feel highly compatible, economical, entertaining, and safely connected lights and various home security products play a serious role in home automation. [...]

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How does the Construction Sector get Benefited from IoT

Arjun / 04 Mar 2021 / IOT Industry

An emerging technology that establishes connectivity among devices with the help of the Internet. It controls various systems keep at a certain distance remotely without any kind of human interaction. [...]

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