Posted On Oct 28

This job posting has expired

Full Stack Software Architect (IoT)

LG Electronics, USA Inc.

Location : Santa Clara, CA

Hiring Mode : Full Time

Hiring Role : Architect

Experience : Mid Level

We are looking for a Full-Stack Software Architect that can help us take our IoT, Big Data, computer vision, machine learning based product ideas to scalable architectures, as we work to realize our vision of enhanced connected home experience and advanced retail experience for LG Electronics.  You will also contribute to some existing AI/data/backend solutions that we are enhancing and optimizing for our target customers and partners. We’re a growing team at the forefront of connected devices, computer vision and deep learning within LG.  We need you to help us develop the foundation for LG’s next generation of connected, vision aware, AI based products.                                                                                            


• Be a key architect to existing/future innovative projects which include edge computing, mobile/web/client applications, cloud, machine learning, AI, and analytics.

• Research, design, and implement in agile development fashion

• Find and propose robust but quick ways to enable architectures into implementations using internal/external tools including public clouds and open sourced tools/solutions

• Design appropriate data models and ways to save/retrieve data

• Plan software releases and release schedules.

• Collaborate with other engineering teams, PM, and UX teams    


  • Bachelor's degree with 12+ years of related experience;
  • Master's degree with 8+ years experience;
  • PhD with 5+ years experience; or equivalent experience.
  • Demonstrated thought-leadership and delivering projects on a large scale.  Considered an experienced mentor in Software Engineering.  
  • Full-stack architecture experiences
  • Fluent in cloud technologies including AWS
  • Experiences working with APIs/Integrations
  • Balanced design experiences between edge/cloud and backends.
  • Data processing and analytics experience                                                             


  • Experience with IoT, client applications such as mobile apps and web apps
  • Knowledge of AI and Machine Learning
  • Streaming and batch processing