Posted On Dec 24

This job posting has expired

Business Analyst

Ag Unity Response

Location : REMOTE

Headquarters : Australia

Hiring Mode : Contract

Experience : Mid Level

# About Us AgUnity Response is an Australian-based but fully global start-up of industry-leading professionals who are currently prototyping and deploying an MVP platform for immediate piloting in the field as part of a local and global COVID-19 mitigation strategy (see more here: **).

AgUnity Response is the subsidiary of AgUnity Pty Ltd, an award-winning social enterprise founded in 2016, working to change the lives of over 2-billion low-income farmers worldwide. AgUnity helps farmers to lift themselves out of poverty with a smartphone and blockchain platform to improve communication, trust, and food supply chains (see more here: **).

# About You Persona

  • Has a passion for using technology to deliver solutions that make meaningful change.
  • Strong ownership ethic with no-nonsense focus to get-the-job-done.
  • Clear communication skills at all levels of a business.
  • Lightning-speed distillation of complexity into essential critical-path activities
  • Communication nexus, fixer, confidant: Erin Brockovich or The Dude
  • You have ‘Plan A – Z’ mapped out in your head before most people even recognize the problem

The Task at Hand

1. Must be able to self-manage and motivate, and take a list of ‘nice to haves’ or issues and turn them into ‘concretely delivered beyond highest expectations.’

2. Be in the mission for the long game for our clients and help turn our solutions into strategic global improvements, enhancing the quality of life and overall well-being of all humans.

3. Be willing to step up to the task at hand, enjoy the grind, and keep pushing until the “Eureka!” moment, then get back into the next great battle.

Preferred Skills
Some familiarity with the “Technology for Good” scene is beneficial, but not required.

# Business Analyst Role* *We are looking for an experienced and self-motivated Business Analyst to help us investigate, detail, and document many processes and partners within our umbrella of services. The successful candidate must be excellent at investigating, documenting, and reporting many data sets to various audiences. You must be skilled in both data-analytical and people-management skills, being able to connect data-driven discussions to people-focused decisions. Abilities on this role would lead to much bigger and greater strategic opportunities within our other products and service globally

## Skills & Experience* Delivery-focused but enjoying the challenging journey too

  • Self-improving, observant, flexible to adapt
  • Business Analyst experience ( >2-5 years as a Business Analyst)
  • Data-driven reporting presentation skills to assist Product Owner and General Management in oversight, tactical and strategic decision assistance
  • Problem solver, root-cause analysis fanatic
  • No-nonsense deliverer of solid outcomes: making things happen quickly and correctly while the clock is ticking
  • Weight important strategies carefully and yet take urgent critical tactical decisions as the situation demands, but always own them, no matter what, no excuses
  • You have an eye for detail and take pleasure in discovering data insights
  • Truly happy when people collaborate effectively as a team

## Responsibilities* Take mission briefings from Product Owners and certain other stakeholders to investigate, correlate, document, and present findings

  • Draw on your 2-5 years of Business Analysis to dive into complexity and discover insights
  • Present data-driven reporting in intuitive infographics and other visual models
  • Deliver distilled data-driven reports to provide critical decision assistance to the Product Owner and General Management
  • Use established data science and statistical modelling to report in industry-standard format
  • Understand (or pick up) enough theory or principles of commodity market exchanges and farmer/produce value-chain to deliver solutions in this space.

## What's in it for you This is a fully agile, fast-paced position with meaningful responsibilities and room for growth. This role is suitable for someone looking for a varied and challenging role whilst working with the latest technology (blockchain, IOT, data analytics).

We offer flexible working arrangements and are happy to work with the needs of successful applicants.

You can enjoy being a part of a supportive team of like-minded professionals.