Posted On Jul 12

Senior Software Engineer


Location : REMOTE

Headquarters : Palo Alto, California, United States

Hiring Mode : Full Time

Hiring Role : Developer

Experience : Senior Level

Who we are

At Inpixon, we turn location data into actionable indoor intelligence. Our comprehensive intelligence platform with mapping, positioning, security, and analytics harnesses the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) now.

We are motivated by and focused on our vision to ‘do good’ with indoor data and build something that can quite literally change the world we interact with. We take pride in the way we positively impact the daily lives of our customers and continue to push the boundaries of how our platform can benefit others. Inpixon’s Indoor Intelligence solutions can:

  • Help transform workplace experiences. Through our indoor intelligence solutions, we can help make workplaces safer and smarter as we return to work.
  • Help staff and patients navigate hospitals easily. Through indoor mapping and awareness, we can direct patients from their car directly to their appointments, from registration to labs, and to waiting rooms. For nurses, we can tag equipment and supplies allowing quick access to other team members, visualizing asset movement and sending notifications.
  • Manage cybersecurity. Through integration with Mobile Device Management, we can detect devices, control applications in secured zones, and uphold best practices, security policies and compliance in government, pharmaceutical, and financial agencies managing a sensitive work environment.
  • Optimize resources allocation. Through any number of our product features, we manage, prioritize, and control the way spaces are used and accessed. Whether it’s staff allocation in retail space, managing temperature and electricity consumption in a workspace, we improve space utilization.

Inpixon Indoor Intelligence is continuously uncovering new ways to improve our lives.

The technology

Inpixon Indoor Intelligence ingests diverse data from IoT and third-party sensors designed to detect and position all active - cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ultra-wideband - devices using a proprietary computing process. Our platform provides a complete solution to locate, track, guide and monitor everything indoors along with the plug-in architecture and open APIs that enable interoperability and seamless integration with other systems increasing the reach, flexibility and power of indoor solutions.

The opportunity

Reporting to the Director, Cloud Engineering, Inpixon is looking for a Senior Software Engineer; someone who lives and breathes tech and wants to share that passion with their team. This is a greenfield opportunity to work with IoT and AI. We need someone who wants to own and break down challenging problems. Our team is super smart and resourceful; if you have a great idea, we will work together to strategize and implement it.

As our new Senior Software Engineer, you will use an open mind to set up the right groundwork for developing and improving Inpixon's SaaS experience. You will work with current JavaScript libraries and frameworks on the frontend, Java and Python on the backend, and follow REST principles for APIs, to quickly create high-quality products that solve real-world problems no one else has tackled yet. Your work and leadership will enhance the way people navigate and experience indoor space digitally and in real-time.

Who you are

You are a Senior Developer with exceptional technical and mentoring abilities. You want to work at the cutting edge of IoT, AI, and Indoor Intelligence where you can channel your passion for building and learning, with directing the work of a small team. You are comfortable working across the full stack and ensuring seamless connectivity between the front and back end. You believe in writing good, readable, maintainable, well commented, and long-lasting code. A true innovator, you may be at a startup, and you enjoy digging into problems that no one else has tried to solve yet. You want to mentor junior developers and be part of a company that supports the growth of its people. You want to develop new products and features that solve real-world problems for global customers.

What's in it for you

An incredible suite of products. This is a chance to be part of a scaling company that provides intelligent solutions to building operators with tools to help people return to work safely through indoor navigation, analytics dashboards, cybersecurity tools, asset-tracking to geofencing. We have a robust offering based on three pillars of indoor intelligence: maps, analytics, and positioning. You will immediately focus on our new Inpixon Intelligence Platform (IIP), a high priority project at the top of our pipeline for the next 2-3 years. This is an opportunity to contribute to architecture, make decisions, work with an exciting tech stack and dive into the world of augmented reality.

A genuine career opportunity. The code you write will be accessed by applications and developers all over the world. You want to work on the last new frontier, creating products that respond to indoor mapping data format (IMDF) and enhancing how people navigate indoor spaces and safely and securely access those spaces. You will have the chance to further sharpen your technical skills moving into a Staff Developer role or focus on people leadership as an Engineering Manager.

A high growth company. You want to work at the cutting edge of IoT. We are disciplined about pouring our R&D dollars into it, and we recently raised $40 million. This is a chance to join a company that offers the best of both worlds: the stability of a well-funded, publicly-traded stable organization and strong work-life balance with the fast-paced, responsive, and Agile environment of a scale-up investing in research and the latest-in-everything.

A collaborative team and supportive leader. We want your ideas and your involvement. This is a place where you can make mistakes and learn from them. With a quarterly set of goals and continuous feedback from your manager, you will expand your skills and stay on a progressive career track. You will be part of a team that hosts regular "show and share" opportunities where Engineers demonstrate what they are working on and talk about its impact on the evolution of the product or the business.

What you will focus on:

  • Building never-before-seen product features. You will contribute to architecture conversations, lead the automation and write code daily, working side-by-side with your team. You will develop front and backend product features for our multi-tenant SaaS environment. You will create stand-alone applications utilizing our APIs and reusable web components, demonstrating their capabilities.
  • Enhancing product knowledge through collaboration. You will increase your understanding of Inpixon products and continuously grow your experience. You will actively participate in our web development guilds (front and backend) to share ideas and best practices with your peers.
  • Setting exceptional standards. You will maintain the integrity of the software by asking questions and ensuring your contributions to the product are thoroughly tested, clearly documented, and provide long-term sustainability. You will hold yourself and your team accountable.
  • Leading the team. You will set a high standard for deliverables, inspiring and influencing the work of a team. You will directly mentor 5-6 developers and QA Analysts reporting to you. You will run stand-ups, break down and assign sprint tasks, ensuring clarity and checking in regularly with the team to ensure work is progressing. You will monitor daily and short-term progress, ensuring quarterly goals are accomplished.

What do you bring?

  • The technical expertise. You have a Computer Science or Engineering degree, or you may have earned your hands-on skills in an alternate way. You have 4+ years of experience creating RESTful microservices utilizing frameworks like Flask, Express, Spring, etc.; and building web interfaces using React, VueJS or Angular. Familiarity with Kafka and Snowflake would be a plus. You possess a mastery of HTML and CSS best practices. You aspire to always ship high-quality software, backing it up with unit and UI tests via tools like Jest, Cypress, and NightWatchJS.
  • An Agile leadership approach. You have experience working within an Agile framework and breaking down deliverables into spring tasks. You have guided the work of junior team members and can help build their skills and understanding of enterprise-level quality code. You are committed to your team, have fantastic communication skills, and the ability to jump in where needed. You have insights into how a sprint is progressing and can pivot when needed. You prioritize adoption and understanding via high-quality documentation for external and internal consumption using OpenAPI, Sphinx, etc.
  • A depth of practical knowledge. You understand how developers think, and you use that knowledge to enhance our web engineering practice. You understand the expectations of next-generation developers, and you are always ready to brainstorm a solution that provides easy-to-use functionality for every kind of situation.

Why join us:

Together is better. We are one team. We recognize that people join a company, and want to be part of a team because of a shared vision, mission, and opportunity. Our mission to apply the best and latest in IoT, data analytics, and AI to every day indoor spaces is what drives our work. The people we work with are what brings us together every day.

Together we make it happen. We got this. We are all rowing in sync, in the same direction, heading towards group success and individual championing. Everyone at Inpixon is engaged with what we do, who we do it with and why we do it.

Courage is contagious. We have the courage to innovate. We are willing to take risks, try new things, fail fast and learn from our mistakes. Accountability and responsiveness guide the way we work with each other and our customers.