Posted On Apr 29

Robotics Engineer - Intern

MTAB Technology Center P Ltd

Location : Tamil Nadu (or) REMOTE

Headquarters : India

Hiring Mode : Intern

Hiring Role : Developer

Experience : Entry Level

MTAB Technology Center P Ltd
Tamil Nadu
This is a remote position.
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  • MTC is looking for a Robotics Engineer who wants to gain industry experience. The candidate is expected to be a highly-motivated engineer with good communication skills. If you are self-driven, smart and ambitious tech-savvy professional and have an eye for detail, then you are at the right place. As a Robotics Engineer Intern your roles and responsibilities will be as follows:
Core Functional Responsibilities:
  • Create robotics projects and Experiments
  • Conduct automation Webinars to students manage documentation of all the Robotics projects and Experiments.
  • Ability to simulate robotic applications
  • Testing of virtual robots in various industrial applications, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Developing a best practice methodology including testing approach and exception reports
  • Approach motion solutions development and problem solving analytically
  • Support the mentor / team members on business processes
  • Work closely with mentors for concurrent development as well as problem solving
  • Keeping abreast of the latest advancements in technology, and engineering best practices.
  • Develop manufacturing processes according to global engineering codes and standards
  • Understand the needs and requirements, manage projects and deliver them on time
General Responsibilities:
  • You will be assigned small projects that needs to be finished within the stipulated time.
  • Do detailed self study on assigned work and design necessary project
  • Work with mentors to receive feedback and incorporate it in the project
  • Compile project activities and present in the form of report or ppt as advised by mentor
About Abhyaz Internships :
  • Abhyaz Internships are a 4-16 weeks remote opportunity designed to develop your professional acumen while you work on critical real time projects. You are expected to spend 10 to 15 hrs a week. Our team of mentors and industry professionals guide you through every step of the project for you to gain valuable hands on exposure. We publish your work results in your online portfolio, allowing you to strengthen your professional resume and social media profiles, while showcasing your work to best position your talents for future opportunities.The outcomes will be byte-sized projects that will have to be delivered every week. Your outcomes will be reviewed and grade by peers and your supervisors. Interns who excel in their project may be offered a full-time job with the company.
Hiring Process:
  • Steps
  • Process
  • Timeline
Step 1
  • Job Postings on our Career page
  • Tuesday
Step 2
  • Call for Registration and Enrollment
  • Thursday
Step 3
  • Live Session & Initiating Portfolio Submissions
  • Friday
Step 4
  • Evaluation Process ends on Abhyaz platform
  • Monday
Step 5
  • Interview & Job offer
  • Wednesday
Step 6
  • Onboard – Accept our Job Offer and onboard
  • Thursday
Please note: 
  • candidates are requested to fill out all the fields in the application form and not to use the easy apply option!
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  • If you are a candidate with strong theoretical dynamics knowledge, analytical minded and a competent Robotics Engineer with soft skills - then definitely apply.
  • A degree in Robotics, or any systems Engineering or any relevant field
  • Confident, self starter with interest to learn.
  • Should have passion to learn and to teach technologies.
  • Must be able to perform tasks under general direction.
  • Ability to communicate well in English - written and oral communication
  • Must have a Computer, Smartphone and uninterrupted internet connection with noise cancellation headphones.
Required Technical Skills:
  • Proficient in Linux and have knowledge of robot manipulators.
  • Knowledge in Robotics, Electronics, Pneumatics and Hydraulics components
  • Knowledge in PLC, CAD, ROS
  • Knowledge in design and development of Robotics systems.
About Abhyaz :
  • Abhyaz by MTAB Technology Center is an integrated platform for Engineering projects, Skill Development, Talent Management. Abhyaz offers multiple engineering labs built with interactive elearning, LMS, engineering software in digital manufacturing technologies. Technologies available are Additive Manufacturing, CNC, Design, Digital Electronics, Electrical Machines, FMS/CIM, Hydraulics, Multi-physics modelling, PLC, IoT, Mechatronics, PCB Design, Pneumatics, Robotics, Sensors, Switch Gears & Industry 4.0. Abhyaz brings together trainers, mentors, and students to execute live engineering projects. MTAB Technology Center is expanding its Skill Development and E-Learning footprint across India and creating Industry 4.0 ready talent pools across various Educational and Non Educational Sectors to meet changing business needs.
  • Internship Completion Certificate
  • Practical experience in the Edu-Tech Industry
  • Remote work opportunity / Week work opportunity
  • Hands-on experience using Abhyaz Platform & Zoho Application
  • Online Portfolio building